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» What are the benefits of your silk duvets over other types of bedding?
» What kind of silk is used?
» I understand your silk duvets are hand-finished, is this correct?
» Are mulberry silk-filled duvets comfortable to sleep under?
» Is it possible to inspect the interiors of your mulberry silk-filled duvets, mattress toppers amd pillows?
» What's the difference between your Luxury and Premium ranges?
» What mulberry silk-filled bedding products do you supply?
» Can I purchase a complete mulberry silk-filled bedding set from you?
» What care does mulberry silk-filled bedding require?
» Compared to other types of bedding are mulberry silk-filled duvets as warm?
» Do you supply mulberry silk-filled duvets for different seasons / temperatures?
» How do Summer Warmth and Spring/Fall Warmth silk-filled duvets fasten together to make a snug and warm Winter Warmth duvet?
» What are the casings for your mulberry silk-filled bedding made from?
» What are the health benefits of mulberry silk-filled bedding?
» Are any chemicals used in making your mulberry silk-filled duvets, mattress toppers and pillows?
» Is mulberry silk-filled bedding inflammable?
» Do you only provide silk bedding for USA and Canada bed sizes?
» Which countries do you deliver to?
» What are the delivery costs?
» How long will my mulberry silk-filled bedding take to arrive?
» What is your guarantee when I purchase mulberry silk-filled bedding from you?
» Can I purchase now directly through this website?
» What currency can I use to pay?
» How do I select the currency I want to use?
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"This duvet is real luxury. So thin and light and yet it drapes beautifully over you. This makes it easier to change the duvet cover as well. The hand stitching does a great job, warm and no cold air pockets when sleeping. This is my second purchase, bought the pillows last time."
Sam D.
Chicago, IL

"Lovely, comfortable duvet. Nice and light. Really perfect. I have slept much better since I have been using it. No more sweating or feeling too hot or too cold. Highly recommend it, and a nice company to deal with."
Grace L.
Seattle, WA

"Lovely material, and very well made. Does all that it claims to do to give comfortable sleep. A happy customer!"
Evelyne S.
Arlington, VA

"I've purchased the summer & spring/fall duvets and four pillows to go with them. It’s so cozy in bed now, really changed our nights. I highly recommend your silk-filled bedding, really pleased I found this great product. Fast shipping too."
Annette D.
Portland, ME

"I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my silk duvet, it's so so warm and comfortable yet so light, thank you."
Francine T.
Winnipeg, Canada

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