Hypo-allergenic silk-filled bedding health benefits

Genuine mulberry silk-filled bedding is the cleanest and most hygienic type of natural luxury bedding as no microscopic life can live in mulberry silk. It does not degrade over time and so will remain clean, fresh and hygienic for many years to come.

Why are other types of luxury bedding, particularly down and feather, so much less healthy than genuine mulberry silk-filled bedding?

Down and feather bedding contains dust, dust mites, and although not pleasant to think about, their droppings too! They are actually very unhygienic types of bedding.

As scientists have recently discovered (this was first in the news in late 2019), at its most serious these can cause "feather duvet lung", a highly debilitating and serious illness.

People are increasingly realising the need to change to a healthy type of luxury bedding.

Mulberry silk-filled bedding although not yet so well known, is an obvious choice.

It's a very clean material and is naturally hypo-allergenic. Dust mites and other microscopic life cannot live in it at all. This makes it a really healthy alternative.

Luxury mulberry silk-filled bedding has many other great benefits too.

Is extremely luxurious and comfortable

Is 100% natural

Dust mites and other microscopic life cannot live in it

Contains naturally occurring relaxants for a better night's sleep

Regulates sleeping temperature over a wider range than other types of bedding

Has anti-aging properties due to the protein sericin in the mulberry silk

Is kind to your skin and hair due to naturally occurring amino acids

No chemicals or anything else is added or used in the production process to create the Silk Bedding Direct luxury long strand mulberry silk-filled bedding ranges. The mulberry silk is of such high quality that it can be used in its pure and natural state.

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Using Silk Bedding Direct mulberry silk-filled duvets, pillows and mattress toppers can help alleviate, and in some cases help prevent, the following conditions:

All allergies have a trigger, so for the sake of a good night`s sleep it is best to choose hypo-allergenic bedding. The best hypo-allergenic bedding is made from 100% pure mulberry silk, a natural fabric, in which no bed bugs, dust mites or mold can exist. Our natural high quality bedding, being made from top quality mulberry silk such as this, is also very soft and gentle to the skin (contains amino acids that prevent premature ageing of the skin and nourishes the hair).

Asthma is a disease of the lungs and severe asthma attacks can be caused by the inhalation of the dust-like droppings of dust mites. One way to avoid such attacks is for the asthmatic to use silk-filled bedding. Pure mulberry silk is 100% free of bed bugs, mould and dust mites and is a completely hypo-allergenic bedding, so the number of asthma attacks can be drastically reduced.

MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities)
The symptoms of MCS can be many and varied. Tiredness, short term memory problems, general aches and pains are some of them. It is not clear what causes these symptoms but it is thought that everyday chemicals could be the trigger. It is difficult to escape many of these chemicals in daily life, but it is at least possible to escape some of them whilst we sleep by using high quality mulberry silk-filled bedding. 100% mulberry silk is so pure that no chemicals have been used to clean or produce it. Also, it snuggles around the body, so avoiding any pressure points that could cause sufficient pain to awaken you from your sleep.

Eczema and Dry or Itchy Skin
Eczema includes a wide range of skin disorders, all of which cause great irritation and itching. A good night`s sleep is hard to get. Silk is a 100% natural fibre and contains amino acids. When used in bedding it allows the body to absorb moisture whilst sleeping. This is of great benefit and comfort to sufferers of eczema and dry, itchy skin. It is also soft and light, snuggling around the body and causing less pressure and irritation than conventional bedding.

Skin Inflammations (Psoriasis)
Psoriasis suffers can often find little relief from the pain and discomfort of this chronic disease. One form of help comes in the form of 100% mulberry silk bedding, which is more soft and gentle on the skin than conventional bedding and also avoids skin dryness by retaining moisture. Silk Bedding Direct silk-filled duvets are very light, and moulds around the body, so undue pressure is avoided, thus ensuring a better night`s sleep. To find out more read our silk-filled bedding reviews.

Anyone who has ever been sunburnt will remember the fiery soreness it causes when anything touches the burnt skin. 100% mulberry silk bedding is so soft and light that this soreness is dramatically reduced and a good night`s sleep can be achieved.

Burns (Particularly 1st and 2nd Degree)
1st and 2nd degree burns, though fairly minor, can cause pain and soreness and need medical attention. This pain and soreness is always worse when something touches the burnt skin. However, a good night`s sleep can still be had under a soft and light 100% mulberry silk duvet which snuggles around the body so it does not weigh heavily on the parts that are sore.

Post-Chemotherapy Sensitive Skin
The side effects of chemotherapy are many and varied but one common one is sensitive skin. The sufferer may have a sore and sensitive rash which can make sleeping difficult. The lightness of a 100% mulberry silk duvet means it does not cause soreness and, as it drapes around the body, pain at pressure points is eliminated.

Unlike conventional bedding, the best silk-filled bedding has the amazing quality of nestling over our bodies, eliminating single points of pressure. For sufferers of osteoarthritis this means a better night`s sleep. Silk-filled bedding is also very light which again eliminates any pain caused by pressure.

Because silk-filled bedding is soft and light and nestles around the body, it causes much less pressure, which, in turn, means less pain for sufferers of shingles. It also keeps the body cool so that overheating does not cause discomfort.

For anyone who suffers from overheating, help is at hand. 100% mulberry silk-filled bedding has the amazing ability to work in unison with the body, to regulate our body temperature and prevent us from overheating, so that a good night`s sleep is assured. For menopausal women this is a welcome relief from `night sweats`.

As we age we may have difficulty sleeping for a variety of reasons. We may have painful feet due to diabetes or maybe have sores and ulcers on our legs or arms. Heavy bedclothes cause pain and discomfort on pressure points, so the lightness and comfort of a 100% mulberry silk duvet, which drapes around the body, will bring much-needed relief. We may sometimes feel the cold more too, and a high quality mulberry silk-filled duvet snuggles around us keeping us cosy and warm. No cold spots!

All Silk Bedding Direct bedding have interiors containing top grade long-strand 100% natural mulberry silk.  The Luxury Range mulberry silk-filled duvets are loop sewn and tied by hand through the casing to prevent movement.  Hand sewing is used to avoid crushing the precious silk inside and is a much superior method to machine "pattern" sewing.

From reading the above we're sure you can see why Silk bedding Direct mulberry silk-filled bedding has become known as the very best of the best bedding available.


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Twin mulberry silk-filled bedding combination set Full mulberry silk-filled bedding combination set Queen mulberry silk-filled bedding combination set King mulberry silk-filled bedding combination set California king mulberry silk-filled bedding combination set


"This duvet is real luxury. So thin and light and yet it drapes beautifully over you. This makes it easier to change the duvet cover as well. The hand stitching does a great job, warm and no cold air pockets when sleeping. This is my second purchase, bought the pillows last time."
Sam D.
Chicago, IL

"Lovely, comfortable duvet. Nice and light. Really perfect. I have slept much better since I have been using it. No more sweating or feeling too hot or too cold. Highly recommend it, and a nice company to deal with."
Grace L.
Seattle, WA

"Lovely material, and very well made. Does all that it claims to do to give comfortable sleep. A happy customer!"
Evelyne S.
Arlington, VA

"I've purchased the summer & spring/fall duvets and four pillows to go with them. It’s so cozy in bed now, really changed our nights. I highly recommend your silk-filled bedding, really pleased I found this great product. Fast shipping too."
Annette D.
Portland, ME

"I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my silk duvet, it's so so warm and comfortable yet so light, thank you."
Francine T.
Winnipeg, Canada

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