Duvets, sometimes called comforters or quilts, have a very long history. To find out about hand-finished luxury hypoallergenic duvets with a 100% natural mulberry silk interior click below........

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Over recent years the duvet has become part of our life, in fact it is now the most common form of bedding in Northern Europe. Gone are the days of sheets and heavy blankets, though they are still favoured by a small minority. Why would we want to spend time tucking in these sheets and blankets every morning when, with a shake of the duvet, the bed is made!

Looking back in history it is difficult to find out where the duvet originated, but it is thought that the very first duvet produced was a silk one! It is thought that the Chinese produced it around five thousand years ago. At that time only royalty and high officials were allowed to use silk, so the silk duvet was something only for the rich and privileged.

It is thought that, over the years, duvets have been used in various forms in cold countries, particularly in rural areas, where the traditional fillings of down and feather were readily available. All that was needed was a large cotton bag to put them in and, hey presto, a duvet!

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It is thought that the first person from Britain to recognize the value of the duvet was the diplomat and historian Paul Rycaut (1629-1700). After visiting Germany and sleeping under a duvet he came back to England and tried to market them, but without success.

One spin-off from the duvet was the eiderdown, which appeared in England during Victorian times. The eiderdown was similar to the duvet but was more heavily quilted. However, the Victorians were loath to part with their blankets and placed the eiderdown on top of them.

The duvet only really came into its own in the UK as late as the 1970s. Sir Terence Conran, founder of Habitat, had slept under a duvet in Sweden and decided to market them in his shops in 1964. They were known then as the continental quilt.

Thankfully today in the UK, US, Canada and elsewhere around the world there are duvets available made from a variety of fillings including, silk, feather and down, wool, alpaca and man-made fibres. Its perhaps ironic that silk duvets were most probably the first type of duvets in the world and they are still the best. 100% mulberry silk duvets snuggle around the body so that there are no cold spots. They are totally hypoallergenic and so no bed bugs, dust mites or mold can live in them. They regulate body temperature and contain amino acids which are good for skin and hair. Under a silk duvet you are sure to sleep well.

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