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Silk is a natural fibre produced by many insects and arachnids all over the world.  Most of this silk is not suitable for anything except what nature intended. Silk from silk moths, however, has been utilized by man for thousands of years.

There are many varieties of silk moth, each with an identical life cycle.  The moth lays the eggs, which hatch into larvae (commonly called silkworms) which feed and grow large enough to pupate.  It makes its pupa by spinning a silk thread around itself. This pupa is called a cocoon.

Some silk is produced from wild silk moths which eat anything they come across and so produce silk that needs to be washed and chemically treated before it can be used, thus destroying the sericin and amino acids contained in the silk that are so good for us.  



Mulberry silk-filled duvet enjoyed by a young woman

When considering buying a silk duvet it is important to know what you are getting. Some silk duvets are made from tussah (wild silk) or scraps of silk offcuts combined with polyester.  These are cheaper, of course, but they are certainly not the best.  The very best silk duvets are made from the silk produced by cultivated silkworms, which are bred in captivity and fed entirely on mulberry leaves.  This is a long and very skilled process and produces a very fine silk, the strands of which can be up to a kilometre long.

It is also important to know how your mulberry silk-filled duvet was constructed.  Some manufacturers cut corners to make the procedure quicker, but in so doing they damage the thermal properties of the silk. It is important that the silk in your silk duvet is stretched by hand to finish, not by machine.  Machine stretching to finish can leave clumps of silk, whilst hand stretching ensures an even distribution of the silk.  It is also important that the silk in your duvet, sometimes known as a silk comforter, is sewn to the casing by hand as machine sewing flattens the silk and damages its thermal qualities. The very best duvets will also have an inspection zip which allows you to see and feel the silk inside.

Long strand mulberry silk is the best silk in production.  When made into a duvet you will have the best that money can buy. It is so pure that nothing can live in it. It is completely hypoallergenic.  It is free from bed bugs, dust mites and anything else that may cause irritation in the lungs.  Also, the seracin and amino acids contained in the silk help to prevent ageing and are good for skin and hair.

Mulberry silk duvet bag from Silk Bedding Direct A mulberry silk duvet is also the most comfortable and relaxing duvet you will ever sleep under. Because of the softness of the silk it has a natural drape which floats around the body, preventing any cold spots.  It also has the amazing quality of keeping us warm when the ambient temperature is cold, and cool when the ambient temperature is warm. People who have sore or aching joints and are not comfortable sleeping under anything heavy, appreciate its lightweight properties.

A mulberry silk duvet will give you warmth and comfort for a lifetime.  Don`t settle for anything less.

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"This duvet is real luxury. So thin and light and yet it drapes beautifully over you. This makes it easier to change the duvet cover as well. The hand stitching does a great job, warm and no cold air pockets when sleeping. This is my second purchase, bought the pillows last time."
Sam D.
Chicago, IL

"Lovely, comfortable duvet. Nice and light. Really perfect. I have slept much better since I have been using it. No more sweating or feeling too hot or too cold. Highly recommend it, and a nice company to deal with."
Grace L.
Seattle, WA

"Lovely material, and very well made. Does all that it claims to do to give comfortable sleep. A happy customer!"
Evelyne S.
Arlington, VA

"I've purchased the summer & spring/fall duvets and four pillows to go with them. It’s so cozy in bed now, really changed our nights. I highly recommend your silk-filled bedding, really pleased I found this great product. Fast shipping too."
Annette D.
Portland, ME

"I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my silk duvet, it's so so warm and comfortable yet so light, thank you."
Francine T.
Winnipeg, Canada

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