Queen Size Mulberry Silk-Filled Duvet - 100% Natural, Hand-finished to Perfection
Queen Size Mulberry Silk-Filled Duvet - 100% Natural, Hand-finished to Perfection
Queen Size Mulberry Silk-Filled Duvet - 100% Natural, Hand-finished to Perfection
Queen Size Mulberry Silk-Filled Duvet - 100% Natural, Hand-finished to Perfection
Queen Size Mulberry Silk-Filled Duvet - 100% Natural, Hand-finished to Perfection

Queen Mulberry Silk-Filled Duvet Insert - Luxury Range

Luxury Range: The Best of the Best. No Expense Spared to Produce a Fabulously Luxurious Mulberry Silk-Filled Duvet
Finish: Mulberry Silk Interior is Hand-Stretched, then Loop Sewn by Hand. Luxury Hand Finishing
Interior: Absolutely Top Grade Long-Strand Mulberry Silk (100% Natural and Hypoallergenic)
Casing: Deluxe 300 Thread Count Fine Cotton Sateen
Inspection: Small Inspection Zip Allow Viewing of the Super Soft Top Grade Long-Strand Mulberry Silk Interior
Certification: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified with OEKO “Confidence in Textiles” Label Attached
All Season Duvets: By Selecting “Winter Warmth” (Combination) You Receive Both a Summer and a Spring/Fall Duvet that Can be Clipped Together to Create a Super Snug and Warm Winter Duvet. Choice of Three Duvet Warmths with Just Two Duvets
Shipping: Fast Courier Shipping from US and Canada Warehousing

Cleanest and Most Lovingly Hygienic Natural Luxury Bedding. Unlike Other Bedding Microscopic Life Cannot Live in Mulberry Silk

Absolutely the Best of the Best in Mulberry Silk-Filled Bedding

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Silk-Filled Duvet Insert - Luxury Range - Queen Size

Queen 90" x 90"

Queen size hand sewn long-fiber mulberry silk-filled duvets from Silk Bedding Direct Silk Bedding Direct is a producer and provider of high end luxury mulberry silk-filled duvet inserts, from twin size to California king size.

What you receive is a fabulously comfortable Luxury Range hand finished California king size top grade long-strand mulberry silk duvet insert that is 100% natural and hypoallergenic. Our mulberry silk-filled bedding is the most hygienic kind of natural luxury bedding.

Designed to wick away moisture should you become too hot yet keep you snug and warm on colder nights, Silk Bedding Direct long-strand mulberry silk duvets regulate temperature over a wider range than other duvets.

We are well known as providing the best of the best silk duvets on the market today due to many small attentions to detail that our customers agree add up to make a big and noticeable difference to the finished duvet.


Hand Sewn Top Grade Long-Strand Mulberry Silk Interior

All Silk Bedding Direct's Luxury Range duvets are filled with luxurious 100% natural top quality long-strand mulberry silk.  Only the very best long-strand mulberry silk passes quality control and is selected to be used in our luxury duvets' interiors.  

California King size long-strand mulberry silk-filled duvets from Silk Bedding Direct The mulberry silk interior is hand stretched into the casing and then individually loop sewn by hand through the casing to prevent movement of the silk inside.  The duvet casing itself is a lusciously comfortable, yet durable and and long lasting, 300 thread count cotton sateen. 

Our Luxury Range duvet inserts are not machine "pattern" or "box" sewn as this can crush the silk where sewn, resulting in an uneven warmth.  Machine sewing can also damage the silk where sewn destroying some of its great natural properties.

Thermal insulating properties created by the air enclosed between the fine silk threads is one of the reasons that Silk Bedding Direct's long-strand mulberry silk-filled duvets are so light and comfortable, and so effective in regulating sleeping temperature.

Wonderfully lightweight they wrap around your body like no other bedding and are amazingly luxurious and comfortable. Once you have slept under a Luxury Range Silk Bedding Direct mulberry silk-filled duvet you won't want to revert to any other type of bedding.


Health and Beauty Totally Natural and Hypo-Allergenic

Luxury Range Long-strand mulberry silk-filled duvet from Silk Bedding Direct The mulberry silk is used is a 100% totally natural product and is used in its natural state - no chemicals or anything else is added or used in the production process. It is also hypo-allergenic, and unlike other types of natural bedding, dust mites, mold, fungus and other microscopic life cannot live in mulberry silk. This makes it both the most hygienic and the most comfortable type of natural luxury bedding.

Mulberry silk also contains several amino acids and the protein sericin. These are nourishing for your hair and skin, helping to keep your skin hydrated and younger looking for longer. The protein sericin leaves a protective barrier on skin helping prevent skin damage during your waking hours too.

The mulberry silk interior also contains natural properties that promote relaxation in the central nervous system thereby aiding restful sleep. Totally ideal for bedding.

Silk Duvet Inspection Zip

Long-strand mulberry inside a silk-filled duvet from Silk Bedding Direct complete with duvet carry and store bag All our Luxury Range silk duvet inserts are fitted with small inspection zips to view the super soft top grade long-strand mulberry silk. The long silk strands seem to go on forever and it's almost impossible to find an end of a strand. Besides inspecting the silk visually its lovely to touch and smell too.

It is these kinds of details and other refinements and care taken throughout the production process that contribute to making Silk Bedding Direct long-strand mulberry silk-filled duvets the very best on the market today.

Hand-finished and crafted to perfection we work hard to provide you with the very best luxury silk-filled duvets that money can buy.

Mulberry silk-filled duvets are our specialty, we've gone the extra mile to make a truly exceptional, top of its class, luxury silk duvet - we promise you won't be disappointed.

All Season Combination Mulberry Silk-Filled Duvets Option - Clip Together

Silk-filled duvets all-season clip from Silk Bedding Direct Silk Bedding Direct's luxury mulberry silk-filled duvets can be used all year round. By purchasing both the summer and spring/fall warmth duvets you have an additional choice of warmth as they can be clipped together to make a super snug winter warmth duvet too.

For this option select Winter Warmth Combination from the drop down menu further up this page. Two duvets, three choices of duvet warmth.

To facilitate this, all Silk Bedding Direct silk-filled duvets are complete with our "Easy Clip" clips - these are small unobtrusive and durable clips, very easy to use and unlike button and hook will not fall off after years of use. Another example of our attention to detail and absolute best practice.

Silk-filled duvets all-season clip from Silk Bedding Direct After clipping together the two duvets are then inserted into your duvet cover just as one would be. Luxuriously snug and warm for those cold nights.

The summer and a spring/fall warmth duvets can of course also be used independently according to the season.

Pure mulberry silk degrades much more slowly compared to down and other materials used for luxury bedding.

If it becomes a little flatter from long term usage it can simply be aired outside, preferably on a sunny day. Even after years of usage this will return luxury mulberry silk-filled duvets to a nearly new condition.

Cared for in this way your mulberry silk-filled bedding should remain in pristine condition for many years to come.

Duvet vs Comforters

Duvets and comforters can easily be mistaken for one another, but they are not the same. Duvets, sometimes called "European Duvets", require a separate cover in addition to the duvet. This provides duvets with two advantages over comforters.

1. The duvet itself will rarely require cleaning, as the cover can be washed as often as you like.
2. It is easy and inexpensive to change styles/colors by simply replacing the cover (no need to buy another duvet).

Due to point 2 above we do not supply duvet covers - you will be able to find your ideal choice of style and color elsewhere. If using the combination duvets for winter warmth, both duvets clipped together can be inserted into one duvet cover, just as one duvet would be.

Certification OEKO-TEX Confidence in Textiles

Silk Bedding Direct OEKO-TEX Certificate All our silk bedding is tested and certified by OEKO-TEX to their prestigious Standard 100. Each duvet has the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Confidence in Textiles label attached, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Purchase a fabulous Luxury Range California king size long-strand mulberry silk-filled duvet now and receive a Free High Quality Carry and Store Case for each duvet purchased.   

Full Money-Back Guarantee

Silk Bedding Direct Iron-clad Guarantee All duvets purchased are covered by the Silk Bedding Direct "no questions asked" 14 days full money back guarantee. If within 14 days of receiving your duvet(s) you are not completely satisfied you may return them for a full refund - we even pay the return shipping costs, that's how confident we are that you'll love your duvet(s).

To Order Now simply use the Add to Cart function further up this page. Fast courier shipping from US and Canada warehousing. Your courier tracking by email.

These are the very best of the best luxury mulberry silk-filled duvets. We promise you will not be disappointed. May you sleep well.…

Tip:  By selecting “Winter Warmth Combination” when adding to cart you receive both a Summer and a Spring/Fall warmth duvet. These can be used independently and also clip together to make a super snug and warm Winter duvet. Two duvets, three choices of duvet warmth.

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Best Value - Choice of Luxury Full Mulberry Silk-Filled Bedding Sets in Queen Size. Further savings are made when purchasing any of these luxury silk bedding sets.

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Customer Reviews

"This duvet is real luxury. So thin and light and yet it drapes beautifully over you. This makes it easier to change the duvet cover as well. The hand stitching does a great job, warm and no cold air pockets when sleeping. This is my second purchase, bought the pillows last time."
Sam D.
Chicago, IL

"Lovely, comfortable duvet. Nice and light. Really perfect. I have slept much better since I have been using it. No more sweating or feeling too hot or too cold. Highly recommend it, and a nice company to deal with."
Grace L.
Seattle, WA

"Lovely material, and very well made. Does all that it claims to do to give comfortable sleep. A happy customer!"
Evelyne S.
Arlington, VA

"I've purchased the summer & spring/fall duvets and four pillows to go with them. It’s so cozy in bed now, really changed our nights. I highly recommend your silk-filled bedding, really pleased I found this great product. Fast shipping too."
Annette D.
Portland, ME

"I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my silk duvet, it's so so warm and comfortable yet so light, thank you."
Francine T.
Winnipeg, Canada

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